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    How Do I Select the Right Furnace Filter?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Cleaning and replacing your furnace filter is one of the easiest ways to protect and maintain your heating system. Furnace filters are inexpensive, but investing in a quality filter will improve the lifespan of your furnace. You have three options when shopping for a furnace filter. The least expensive filter is made of disposable fiberglass that is cost effective, but won’t provide much protection. Pleated filters are made from dense mesh that allows them to filter more effectively. Top-of-the-line filters are passive electrostatic filters that have a dirt attracting charge. To learn more about selecting a furnace filter, watch this video from Westlake ACE.

    To schedule repairs for your furnace, call Blue Dot Services of Maryland at (410) 698-6465. For more than 40 years, Blue Dot has been providing superior furnace and air conditioning repair for homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Essential Air Filter Information

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Most homeowners know that they’re supposed to change their furnace’s air filter to keep the appliance running smoothly and in good repair. But do you know why changing the filter helps and how to do it? Watch this video for a quick look at furnace air filters.

    If your furnace’s air filter is dirty, the unit will use more energy. A dirty air filter will also circulate unclean air through your home, which can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Failing to replace the filter can eventually lead to furnace repair. In most furnaces, the filter is located in the top half of the unit, where the air intake is. When you change the filter, it’s a good idea to write the date on it so you know when it’s time for replacement.

    If your furnace is a complicated model, or if you have questions about changing or cleaning the air filter, call Blue Dot Services of Maryland at (410) 698-6465. We’ve been handling furnace repair for Baltimore-area families for more than 40 years.

    Common Issues an Audit from Blue Dot Can Help Identify and Address

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When you schedule an audit from Blue Dot of Maryland, you will receive vital information about how to reduce your heating and cooling bills, learn how to make your home more energy efficient and take the first steps towards improving the quality and consistency of your energy use. Let’s take a closer look at some common issues an audit from Blue Dot can help identify and address:

    High Energy Bills
    If you have noticed that your home energy bill seems high, chances are there are areas where your energy efficiency could be improved. When you schedule a professional home energy audit, an energy auditing professional will diagnose the efficiency of your energy usage with sophisticated tools. Equipment such as infrared cameras and draft measuring devices will detect your problem areas. Once you know where you need improvement, you will be able to make the necessary repairs and changes that will lower your energy bill. 

    Drafty Rooms
    When heating or cooling a home, oftentimes there are places that seem to resist temperature control. Drafty areas such as second floor rooms needn’t be colder than the rest of the house. When you schedule an audit for your home, these drafty areas will be professionally assessed. With the right equipment and knowledge, the chilly parts of your home will become professional and inviting. 

    Poor Air Quality
    The indoor air quality of your home can greatly affect your overall health and wellbeing. Even if there is no noticeable dust or debris in the air, your indoor air quality can still be poor. When you receive a home audit, this can be a great opportunity to improve the air quality in your home. When the auditor inspects your HVAC system, he or she will test your indoor air quality and can replace the air filters throughout your house.

    To learn more about what an audit from Blue Dot Services of Maryland can provide for you, call us at (410) 698-6485. Our energy services and repairs will improve the quality of your home.

    Learn More About Heat Pumps and Heating System Efficiency Ratings By Exploring These Great Sites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    There’s a reason why HVAC contractors are trained professionals—understanding and repairing home heating and air conditioning systems is a complicated business! If you’d like to know more about how your heat pump works, check out these sites:

    Speaking with an experienced HVAC contractor is the best way to learn more about which type of system would work well in your home. Give Blue Dot Services of Baltimore a call at (410) 698-6465 for installation, maintenance, and repair services you can rely on.

    Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump Problems

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Is your heat pump freezing up? Is it failing to keep your home at the comfortable temperature you expect? Blue Dot Services of Maryland recommends a few simple troubleshooting tips you can follow before you call our heating specialists for HVAC repair.

    Does it need to be cleaned?
    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a well-maintained heat pump can run up to 25% more efficiently than one that’s been neglected. If you’ve been forgetting to keep up with your regular maintenance tasks, this could be the source of your heat pump’s poor performance. First, check your air filters to see whether they require cleaning or replacement, which should be done on a monthly basis. Also, if you have an air-source heat pump, make sure there’s no shrubbery or clutter blocking the outdoor unit. The system’s fan should be cleaned occasionally as well. Check with a professional HVAC contractor if you’re not sure how to perform any of these tasks.

    Is it receiving power?
    Other reasons why your heat pump may not be working are related to its power supply. Make sure the heat pump is receiving power, remembering to check the main electrical panel as well as any sub-panels. Occasionally, poor performance can be attributed to something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Replace or reset these as needed before you call an HVAC contractor.

    Do you need to call a professional?
    Some heat pump problems are beyond the scope of a homeowner’s ability to fix. If your heat pump is grinding or squealing, this could be a sign that the bearings on the motor are worn, something that you’ll want a furnace repair professional to handle. Your HVAC contractor can also verify that your unit’s refrigerant charge is correct, check the ducts for leaks, and inspect belts and electric terminals.

    At Blue Dot, we pride ourselves on same-day furnace repair in Baltimore and surrounding areas, and we guarantee all our parts and labor. If your heat pump is acting up, call us at (410) 698-6465; one of our licensed technicians will be happy to assist you.

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