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Exploring the Basics of How Central Air Conditioners Work

Last updated 4 years ago

Central air conditioning is a modern marvel that keeps your home or business comfortable and cool throughout the summer. But even though you use it daily during the cooling season, do you ever stop to wonder how central AC works? Read on for information on the basics of central air conditioning operation.

The Basic Components
Although central air conditioning systems vary in size and configuration, they all have the same basic components that allow them to turn hot air into cool air. All AC systems utilize a liquid refrigerant that expands and contracts based on its temperature. This refrigerant runs through two sets of coils, known as the condenser and evaporator coils, which help to capture and release heat throughout the system. To move the refrigerant, all AC systems need a compressor.

Cooling Your Home
The refrigerant plays a critical role in the production of cold air. As it moves through the air conditioning system, it changes from a liquid to a gas over and over. When it enters the evaporator’s coils, it absorbs heat from inside the home. As it absorbs heat, the refrigerant turns into a gas, making the evaporator’s coils super cold. When the HVAC fan blows against these cool coils, this generates cool air that is distributed throughout your air ducts.

Cycling the Refrigerant
After the refrigerant gas leaves the evaporator, it then travels through your HVAC’s pipes into the compressor, where it is pressurized back into a liquid. This pressurizing process generates lots of heat, which is released when the refrigerant travels through the condenser coils. These coils quickly cool the refrigerant, turning it back to a liquid. The refrigerant then enters the evaporator again to capture more heat inside the home.

As you can imagine, failure of just one of these components can result in discomfort and huge energy inefficiencies. To keep your AC system running properly, contact Blue Dot Services of Maryland today at (410) 698-6465 to schedule professional AC repair and maintenance services for your home or business.


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