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Why You Should Turn Your Furnace off This Summer

Last updated 4 years ago

When was the last time a homeowner living on America’s mid-Atlantic coast used a furnace in order to stay cool and comfortable? Sure, winters in Maryland and Virginia can be downright freezing, but the ever more rare reprieves from summer’s sweltering heat are generally considered to be refreshing and welcome by all. Since you already know that the probability you will want to use your furnace this coming summer is zero, you should turn your furnace off now.  Here’s why:

Save Gas
Many homeowners assume that their furnaces do not burn any gas when they are not being used to heat their homes. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most furnaces. The pilot light that causes a gas furnace to heat up quickly when a homeowner cranks the thermostat up burns like an eternal flame. The only exemptions are system failure and manual deactivation.

Save Money
At present, natural gas prices in the U.S. are quite low. Cutting your pilot light for the summer months may only save you a cumulative $10 or $15, but that’s still money that would just burn up should you leave your pilot light on. Turn your pilot light off, and use the money to treat your family to an early summer ice cream!

Save the Environment
A more convincing reason to kill the pilot light for the summer is in the name of green living. There is no reason for that pilot light to be on, so why burn gas unnecessarily? An environmentally conscious homeowner whose furnace is on the verge of failing may want to upgrade to a modern, energy-efficient model that doesn’t have a pilot light. A heating contractor can do this for you.

A professionally administered home energy audit from a Blue Dot Services of Maryland contractor can help you identify and address your home’s energy consumption. Serving Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, our experienced contractors are qualified to carry out the entire range of HVAC system installation and repairs. To schedule an air conditioning system check and get a free water heater inspection, call (410) 698-6465 before May 31st!


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