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How Neglecting Your Furnace Filter Could Be Costing You

Last updated 5 years ago

The filter in your furnace is critical for the proper functioning of your heating equipment. It plays a key role in the flow of air. A furnace filter should be replaced regularly by your HVAC contractor; depending on the design of your system, you may replace the filter yourself on a monthly basis. By doing so, you can avoid costly furnace repairs in the future. An old, clogged filter can also:


Damage Your System
When the furnace filter becomes clogged, it operates at a reduced capacity. The flow of air to the furnace is lessened, which forces the motor to work harder. This increases the likelihood that the equipment will malfunction, leading to costly furnace repairs.


Affect Air Quality
The filter in your furnace removes pollutants from the air. These include microorganisms and allergens like mold and pollen. The filter also removes dust from the air. When it becomes clogged, it can no longer remove these pollutants, so they remain in the air in your home. This can be a significant problem, particularly for those with asthma, allergies, or similar respiratory conditions.


Reduce Your Comfort Level
When the furnace filter becomes too dirty and clogged to function effectively, the furnace operates at a reduced level of efficiency. This can negatively affect the comfort level inside your home. If the heat exchanger overheats, it will turn itself off too quickly, and your home will not receive much-needed heat in the winter months.


Increase Maintenance Needs and Other Costs
Damage to your furnace and reduced heating capabilities will increase the need for furnace repairs and maintenance. Additionally, a furnace that operates with a clogged filter will require replacement sooner. When your furnace does not run efficiently, you’ll also see the results in increased heating costs.


Have your furnace maintained regularly to avoid future problems. Blue Dot Services of Maryland provides superior maintenance plans and furnace repairs to our valued customers. Contact us at (410) 698-6465 to discuss your heating needs.


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