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Symptoms of Common Furnace Problems You May Experience This Winter

Last updated 5 years ago

A healthy home requires a sound heating system. It is important to pay attention to your furnace so that you can determine whether it requires repair or replacement. Review the following symptoms of furnace problems in order to save money and keep your home and family safe and comfortable this winter season:


A Burning Smell
An unusual burning smell emanating from an operating furnace is common to furnace problems. If you notice this smell when you first ignite your furnace at the start of winter, it may just be the burning of dust that has settled on the combustion chamber, and it should quickly dissipate. However, if the burning odor continues, it could indicate a potential fire hazard, such as a dirty air filter. If you continue to smell unusual odors coming from your furnace, get in touch with your heating specialist.


Unusually High Utility Bills
If your furnace is old or has not been properly maintained, it loses efficiency. As a result, you may notice your furnace runs longer or cycles more frequently than it used to, which increases your energy use and raises your utility bills. The money you spend on this difference could be instead spent on the purchase of a more efficient furnace that will save you money in the long run.

Cold Spots
If you avoid entering certain rooms because they just don’t seem to heat up, it may be a sign of your furnace not properly distributing warmed air in your home. Your furnace should keep you comfortable, and if you are constantly adjusting your thermostat, it is a symptom of a problem.


Odd Noises
While a furnace should normally be quiet, it is common for older furnaces to sometimes make strange noises as they age. Squealing or rumbling noises coming from your furnace can be signs of fixable issues. If your furnace is making unexplained noises, contact your heating specialist.


This winter season, make certain that your furnace is running efficiently and safely. The HVAC professionals at Blue Dot Services of Maryland provide quality heating repair and installation services. Contact us at (410) 698-6465 if you have any questions about your heating system.


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