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Troubleshooting Common Gas Boiler Problems

Last updated 6 years ago

Gas boilers are common in many Northeastern homes. Some heat only the living space, while others do double duty and heat water as well. If a gas boiler runs into problems, a home can quickly become very uncomfortable, especially during the wintertime. These tips can help you identify and address some common issues with gas boilers:

Basic Boiler Maintenance

As with any appliance, your boiler should be regularly maintained to provide reliable operation and efficiency over its lifetime. Gas-powered boilers will have a pilot light that should always remain ignited. If your boiler isn’t providing heat, this is the first thing that should be checked. Relighting this light may be all you need to do to take care of many boiler issues!

Safety Note

It’s important to periodically check that all of the burner’s flames are ignited and are a healthy blue color. Any burners that are emitting partial flames or low yellow flames aren’t functioning properly and can present a hazard to your home in the form of excess carbon monoxide. Any time you witness a burner issue, contact your HVAC contractor right away.

Advanced Boiler Issues

Water leaks around the boiler are indicative of a problem that needs the attention of a professional. The causes can range from a loose connection to a faulty water pump or relief valve, and aren’t typically safely serviceable by a homeowner. In addition, if your boiler isn’t effectively heating your home and you have checked the thermostat, burner, and pilot light, call your heating contractor to have a professional locate and resolve the issue.

At Blue Dot Services of Maryland, we provide same-day service for gas boiler problems. To learn more about troubleshooting your gas boiler or to make an appointment, visit our website or call us at (410) 698-6465.


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