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3 Reasons to Get Your Heating Inspected Now

Last updated 6 years ago

The cold weather has arrived, and with it comes hard work for your heating system. Having your furnace or heater inspected by a professional heating contractor is a must every year, and if you haven’t had an annual, pre-season inspection performed yet, now is the time. These inspections cover your entire system and ensure you’ll have an energy-efficient and problem-free winter.

Your Heater or Furnace

Heating contractors will inspect the furnace itself—the heart of any home’s heating system. The furnace consists of moving parts that require regular maintenance, especially around the blower motor. In a typical inspection, these parts will be checked for proper lubrication and movement, and serviced as necessary to ensure there is no looseness or grinding when the motor is turned on.

Your furnace or heater air filter should also be replaced for the season. Usually, the homeowner can change these themselves, and should do so about once a month. Always ensure you install the filter with the arrows indicating the direction of airflow—your heating contractor can help you the first time. Buying these filters in bulk from your furnace repair specialist is a great way to save money.

Ductwork and Weatherization

Once your furnace or heater has been inspected, it’s ready to perform at its peak efficiency, minimizes energy use and saves you money. But the whole system needs to be maintained in order for you to gain the full benefits of an efficient heater. If your home isn’t weatherized very well, drafts and air leaks can cause heat loss and make your furnace work harder to warm your home—using more energy and raising your costs.

Your ductwork is also a common culprit when it comes to lowered efficiency and other problems. Have your heating contractor inspect your ducts for debris and leaks, so these issues can be addressed quickly for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Contact Blue Dot Services of Maryland at (410) 698-6465 to learn more about the inspections we offer. We can help your entire heating system get geared up for this winter’s weather, so you can enjoy a warm and efficient home.


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