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Signs You May Need a New Water Heater

Last updated 6 years ago

Is your water heater not heating like it used to?  Is it leaking?  Are there odd smells around it?  If so, you may need a new water heater.  Water heater installation can be quite complex and is best left to a licensed technician to perform the operation. If not installed properly, a new water heater could produce many problems, causing further financial damage to floors, carpets, walls and furniture.

Call Blue Dot Services at (410) 670-7242 for a new hot water heater if you are experiencing any of the following problems. Our Trust Certified technicians are ready to provide you with same day service whenever possible.

"It smells like gas around my water heater."
If you smell gas, turn off the pilot light immediately, close your gas valve, turn off your water supply and do not turn on any lights. Leave your house immediately and call Blue Dot.

"My hot water heater doesn't seem to be heating my water."
If your water heater is controlled by a gas source, check to make sure it is not dry and that all valves are open that should be.  Make sure your pilot is on and that the tank has enough water.  If you use a lot of water, it could be that the tank simply needs to be replenished.  If you have a gas hot water heater, your thermocouple could be faulty. Try to re-tighten or reposition it. If your hot water heater still doesn't work, it may need to be replaced by a certified technician. 

"There is a really bad smell coming out of my water heater."
You may need to flush your water heater and clean it with a hydrogen peroxide solution to rid it of possible bacteria. Let solution sit in tank, and also let it run through the lines. After a few hours, dispose of the water and wipe down the tank.  Only do this if you are confident you can do it properly.  If not, you should call a technician.

"Water is leaking around the bottom of my water heater."
Your tank may be leaking because of corrosion. If you inspect the bottom of the tank and find rust or water marks, you likely need to replace your tank.  The problem also could be that the temperature and pressure relief valve on your system may be faulty or needs to be replaced. Check for excessive pressure and overheating. If either of these are evident, reduce the thermostat temperature on the system. If neither are evident, contact a licensed technician to diagnose the problem and possibly replace the valve.

At Blue Dot, our primary goal is to help our customers as quickly as possible with their new water heater or water heater repair needs.  We specialize in gas hot water heater, tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, and many more. Not many people like to take cold showers or see water leaking onto their floor! Trust the experts at Blue Dot for fast and reliable service for your new hot water heater. 

Call (410) 670-7242 or schedule an appointment online today. You can even get a coupon for a new hot water heater installation by visiting our web site!


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