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Why You May Have Air Conditioner Problems and How To Fix Them

Last updated 6 years ago

With summer right around the corner, you're most likely thinking about vacations and childrens' camps.  The last thing on your mind may be your cooling system.  However, if you turn on your AC and find you have air conditioner problems, you may wonder why.  There could be several reasons your air conditioning system didn't turn on, or if it did, there was no cold air coming out:

Dirty coils. Over time, the coil on your outdoor air conditioning unit will become dirty and clogged with such things as leaves, pollen, and other external debris.  An annual air conditioning service, or preventive maintenance, of these coils will ensure proper operation and maximum energy savings.

Dirty air filters. The purpose of air filters is to increase the air flow throughout your home.  In addition, they stop hazardous chemicals and debris from flowing through your air.  If your filters are dirty, they not only allow dirt and debris to get into your air, but they block air flow.  This can result in unhealthy, and uncool air. 

Corroded or loose wires. Not only will these cause your central air conditioning system not to turn on, but they also present a potential fire hazard.  Get them checked immediately!

The outside fan is not running. This creates a problem because the fan is responsible for taking the heat out of your home and dispersing outside.  If the fan doesn't run, heat transfer is being prohibited, which could cause your compressor to overheat and result in damage to the part.

Your air conditioning system simply doesn't turn on.  This could be due to a faulty thermostat, loss of power, or contactor problems.  Be sure to call an air conditioner repair company to diagnose the exact cause.

Low Freon, or refrigerant, levels.  If there is not enough refrigerant in your air conditioning system, this could indicate a leak since resupplying your refrigerant should not be a regular necessity. 
Plants, bushes or trees are blocking your unit.  If this happens, proper air flow to the unit is being blocked, which will cause air to not be cooled properly and other air conditioner problems.   

If your air conditioning system is not working properly, turn the system off and call 1-800-BLUE DOT to schedule an air conditioner repair appointment.  We will send a Trust Certified, licensed technician to your home to identify and fix the air conditioner problem.  In many cases, we are able to get someone out their the same day you call.  We know it's not comforting to you or your family to be in a hot home in the middle of summer; therefore, we'll do everything we possibly can to provide excellent ac repair and find you a solution. 

Peace, Courtesy and Comfort...Right on the Dot.  Just call 1-800-BLUE DOT!


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